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Tuition Services Availability

 1. Perlismap

 2. Pulau Pinang

 3. Kedah

 4. Selangor

 5. Pahang

 6. Melaka

 7. Johor

 8. Terengganu

 9. Kelantan

10. Perak

11. Negeri Sembilan

Federal Teritories

1. Kuala Lumpur

2. Labuan

3. Putrajaya



Testimonial from Clients

T1This centre had turned both my daughters from an average students to an outstanding ones. Through the guidance of the dedicated and experienced teachers. My daughters achieved outstanding results in their examinations, Keep up the good work.

 - Jessy Gill



As a parent I am extremely pleased with the wonderful coaching, teaching and the overall dedication of the lecturers who attended to my daughters who were than in their pre-U. The lecturers were professional knowledgeable and were excellent in their method of teaching. They spent valuable time in not only imparting knowledge but also did confidence building. Their approach certainly showed tremendous progress in both my daughter’s final exams, within several weeks of coaching. The fees was reasonable for the effort and dedication displayed by the lecturers. The turn around time and commitment taken by the tuition center in ensuring the right and best lecturers for the subject is to be commended. I will highly recommend this center for providing an A student.
- Mrs Raviendran

“I chose this home tuition centre for my daughter because one to one attention and in the home environment has made my daughter’s results improved and I am very happy with her progress so far. Her accounts tutor, Mr Leon has been very patient with her and overall I am satisfied with her improvement”
- Pn faridah


What is the Home Tuition Rate?


Level Rates Per Hour
 Standard 1-6
  • from RM 30.00
 Standard 1-6
  • from RM 35.00
 Form 1-3
  • from RM 40.00
 Form 4-5
  • from RM 55.00
 Year 1-8 (International School)
  • from RM 40.00
 Year 9-11 (IGCSE)
  • from RM 60.00
 A-Level / Pre-U/ CIMP/ SAM/ AUS MAT
  • from RM 80.00
 Diploma / Degree
  • from RM 90.00
 Language/ Adult
  • from RM 50.00
 Computer Course
  • from RM 50.00


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