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Welcome to BEST TEACHER HOME TUITION. We specialize in providing a one stop solution to all your tuition needs. We provide home tuition services for preschool ,primary (std 1 to 6), Secondary (form 1 to 6), IGCSE, IB, EDEXCEL, A Level, CPU, SACE, Diploma & Degree Subjects.

Our Methods

We empasize on teaching methods depending on the students capability and areas of improvement which could make your children understand and learn in a way suitable for them.

Smart Tutoring

Smart Tutoring can give your child the support they need. Smart Tutoring is an art of mentoring the students.

Bringing Tutoring To your Home

Save time, secure and safe tutoring at your own convenience and under your watch for effective result. One on One attention.

A Suitable Environment

Students will be more comfortable studying in the environment they belong to. That is why we bring the teachers to your home to achieve better grades & improve their self confidence.


Student progress is monitored throughout the tuition whereby the tutor/ teacher is required to give an assessment monthly and submit the grade to the parent/ guardian.

Our teachers/tutors are able to provide a more systematic structured learning experience. 

– Provide intensive practice for weak students

– Increase confidence and positive attitude towards studies and improve social and behavourial skills

– Customize tuition classes and lessons according to students academic needs

– Ensure student is prepared to handle examination and produce good results

– Expose students to skills and enviroment which is conducive to seek knowledge(building confidence to ask questions)


Home Tuition Subjects

All academic subjects from pre school children aged 3 years & above, primary to degree level, both national & international syllabus for international schools. 

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring available for all subjects from standard 1 to A Levels. 


We provide all subjects with experienced tutors / teachers.

Standard 1-6

We provide teachers for students from standard 1 to standard 6. For all types of Schools, National Schools, International Schools, Chinese Schools or Tamil Schools.

Form 1-6

Covering all subjects and streams for Secondary Schools from form 1 to form 6.

Diploma to Phd

Yes we have that covered too. We have a wide range of tutors to help you in the above said categories too.

Background Description

Our organization is managed by pioneer in home tuition industry. We provide teachers/ tutors in all states in Malaysia.

Tuition By Level

– Pre School

– Primary


– Form 1-3 (PT3)

– Form 4-5 (SPM)


– ‘O’ Level

– Computer



– Diploma

– Degree




Our tutor/teacher are carefully interviewed and selected to meet the high standards and quality required by the client, Bearing in mind the importance of developing a child and coaching them to excel in the academic performance, our teachers are required to go through a series of interviews and adhere to high quality teaching methods.

We do not only emphasis on our ability to teach but also our commitment and responsibility, dedication toward the child we teach.

Results Driven

With 100% full attention of teaching and guidance from our quality tutors, your kids can achieve so much more than you think.
I was having a difficult time trying to find the right tuition teacher for my children and as i had no time to send them to a centre i preffered home tuition and i found and my problems were over in a minute as they had a wide range of teachers.

Contact Us

Operating Hours

We are available to handle your request and query:

Tel: +6 012-7768209 9.00am to 12.00 midnight

Whatsapp: 24 x7 (012-7768209)



RK Learning Concept (Reg 002617271-X)

Address: 18-2, Jalan Eco Majestic 10/1B,
Eco Majestic, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Call or whatsapp us at 012-7768209 now to get a suitable teacher or